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Grant from the FASIE for the contest "Development of STI" is allocated

Microproject Company received a grant from the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises ( Innovation Support Fund ).

Project: Guidance system for inter-satellite laser communication line

Final product (result):

A system for pointing and stabilizing transceivers of an optical communication channel in order to ensure continuous data transmission in conditions of the movement of satellites relative to each other.

Unique, competitive advantages:

Compact overall dimensions make it possible to use the product for low-orbit satellites of small size. High targeting accuracy allows to reduce power consumption.

Microproject Introduces Numerically Controlled Oscillator IP for Direct Digital Synthesis Systems
Microproject introduced the Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO) soft configurable IP for Direct Digital Synthesis Systems

Partnership with ChipEstimate
Microproject Co. Ltd. is now official partner of ChipEstimate. List of the produced IP blocks can be found on the company web site

The new IP block of the DDS synthesizer with 1GHz frequency range has been developed
IP block of the digital part of the Direct Digital Synthesizer with 1GHz frequency range has been developed using CMOS 0.25 m technology

New agreement signed with the Samsung Moscow Research Center
Cooperation agreement has been signed with the research center of Samsung. This agreement regulates cooperation in the development of the microwave circuits based on the CMOS 90 nm 65 nm engineering processes

Negotiations with ChipEstimate and Design&Reuse
Microproject Co. Ltd started negotiations with ChipEstimate and Design&Reuse companies about cooperation and registration in the IP block marketing systems

New agreement with Microelectronic Research Institute Progress (MRI "Progress")
New cooperation agreement has been signed with Microelectronic Research Institute "Progress", one of the Russian leaders in microelectronic equipment, IC and IP development. Agreement concerns cooperation in the development of IP blocks, consultations and personnel training

New CEO of Microproject Co. Ltd.
General election of the contributors has elected Sergei Pavlovich Khandorin. He will be CEO for the next 5 years

Negotiations with SMIC on PDKs acquisition
Microproject Co. Ltd started negotiations with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC). The goal is to set up cooperation and to obtain Process design Kits from one of the leaders in IC manufacturing industry

Hardware development department
New hardware development department has been created in the company

A number of company standards on composition and contents of materials which are transferred during IP block delivery have been developed and approved.
The companys inner standards are based on VSI Alliance guidelines and, therefore, comply with the international requirements of the industry

Microproject develops MPI 900 integer frequency synthesizer chip
The company has completed the development of an integer frequency synthesizer with the range of 2 GHz for application in terrestrial digital television systems and communication systems

Microproject launches start the development of ACD Environment CAD system for analog circuit design
Microproject has officially started the development of CAD system for analog circuit design, which will be based on geometric programming technologies

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