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    Integrated circuits design

    IP blocks design and maintenance

    Libraries design

    Process Design Kits development

    Prototype measurements


Whats new at the company and Russian IC market
Standard Cell Libraries and ESD IO Libraries

Design and Characterization

  Modern digital VLSI design methods are based on the use of standard cell libraries. Such libraries may contain hundreds of different cells with relevant views (such as layout, circuit schematic, verilog, vhdl, .lib, .lef, etc.).

  Figure 1 illustrates standard cell library design flow. Its principal stages are:

     - Creation, verification and optimization of cell circuit;
     - Design, optimization and verification of cell layout;
     - Library characterization and creation of additional views.

Standard cell library design flow

Figure 1. Standard cell library design flow

   Data from each design stage needs to be verified before moving on to the next stage.

  Characterization stage during which timing and power models for library cells are created is a special phase of logical cell library design.

   Microproject company specializes in design and verification of standard cell libraries. Automated verification system IP-Q is used for the following library verification levels:
     - Physical (DRC, LVS, Antenna);
     - Model (SPICEvs.Liberty, syntax check);
     - Functional (test digital ASIC design);

   The following items are included in the delivery:
     1. Cells layout - GDSII, DFII
     2. Cells circuit views CDL, DFII
     3. Extracted netlists SPI, SPC
     4. Timing and power models Liberty, Synopsys DB, TLF
     5. Verilog
     6. VHDL
     7. LEF
   Additional representations (Astro views, EDIF, etc.) can be created at the customers request.

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