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    Integrated circuits design

    IP blocks design and maintenance

    Libraries design

    Process Design Kits development

    Prototype measurements


Whats new at the company and Russian IC market
Engineering and maintenance of IP blocks

   At present, engineering of systems-on-crystal makes wide use of technology based on IP blocks as ready functional units for building up the whole system. Usage (sometimes more often than once) of pre-designed IP blocks in SOC engineering is the main means of project engineering acceleration, minimizing engineering mistakes and lowering the cost price of the system.

   Today in Russia the intellectual property market is underdeveloped in this area, although there is a large number of companies dealing with integrated chips, including SOC engineering. These enterprises generally use IP blocks of their own design. Nevertheless, it is not economically reasonable to develop IP blocks for every possible occasion, especially when it concerns analog units. It is often more beneficial to acquire some parts of the system in the form of IP blocks.
  Company Microproject is directed at the development of a wide range of IP blocks, their maintenance and the corresponding support services.
   The business model for the sales of IP blocks is based on the TRY & BUY principle. The Customer can first apply for the following kit:

     - IP block datasheet;;
     - Verilog-AMS behavioral model;;
     - Encrypted netlist of the electrical circuit & the corresponding test bench;
     - Layout abstract view, giving information about the size of the unit and the position of the pins;

   In this way before buying the IP the Customer can thoroughly study the product, up to own modeling of the project, they can also integrate the IP block into their system.
   After the purchase, the Client receives a full documentation kit for the IP block, in compliance with VSI Alliance standards, the electrical scheme, test equipment kit and the block layout.

  Microproject also offers the service of integrating IP blocks into the Customers system, as well as the necessary adjustment and correction of blocks in accordance with the specific requirements.
  The time for engineering of IP blocks and integrated circuits is 1 6 months.

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