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General Information

   Microproject specializes in the development of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits, as well as intellectual property blocks (IP blocks).
   The enterprise was founded at the initiative of a development team of integrated chips and microelectronic equipment, who had previously worked at such companies as Motorola, Samsung Electronics, Analog Devices, Freescale Semiconductors, Institute of Precise Mechanics and Computer Equipment (IPMCE), and later came together to set up a company of their own.
   By implementing their knowledge and experience, they managed in quite a short time to create the infrastructure necessary for engineering of integrated chips, as well as to develop a wide range of IP blocks.
   Our goal is to form an IP blocks market in Russia. A wide range of models brings a lot of benefits to our partners dealing with engineering of very-large-scale integration (VLSI) circuits and systems-on-chip (SOC).
   Our main office and R&D department is located in Moscow, there are also remote R&D departments in Yaroslavl and St Petersburg. The process design flow, together with the companys technologies and the management system enable us to make good use of distributed development teams and remote work.

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